About Us (Nosotros)

The idea behind the vision of the brand statement , is self identification. Being born in Quito, Ecuador. Raised in Queens, Flushing. My father born in Quisqueya, Dominican Republic (Cibao). Traveling thru the Q-Boro, from the Q65 to the Q88. The "Q" was always present in my life, so being that I was always in the 718. From Brooklyn to , The Bronx & back to the worlds Borough.Growing up I was always looking for the connection to my heritage , my roots , my community. Under the Q718 umbrella , you have the habitat collection & the sportswear collection. From South America to North America & Worldwide , I saw the connection between sports & environment (habitat). Sports connects people with their favorite team, player & colors. Animals connect people on a spiritual & universal level. Every piece or 1:1 has a meaning & symbolizes this connection we all share in our local communities, also on earth as humans.